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With over 10 years of experience, our employees have the skills and knowledge in various drone applications to find the solution for your individual or company needs.

Drones in agriculture are revolutionizing the industry. They can be used effectively to give you or your company an aerial view over cultivated lands and fields. Furthermore, drones can monitor wildlife infestation, crop growth, visualize crop production, as well as monitor troublesome areas. With Agriculture 4.0, drones are playing an increasingly role for farmers, by providing a more precise and environmentally friendly way to apply pesticides and perform various tasks.
Drones are increasingly being used to detect forest damage and windbreak. The use of drones can be particularly effective in stock analysis. By using specialized camera technology, we can capture the color ranges and leaf reflections to analyse the health status of the tree population. The drone can be controlled with the help of GPS, so that several acres of forest can be recorded at low altitude. Compared to the use of an aircraft, drones provide a more cost-effective way to monitor the forest.
In industry applications, drones are mainly used in the fields of environmental technology, thermography, surveying construction and inspections. However, drones have so much potential that they are currently being under-utilized. For example, drones can be used outdoors to inspect roof structures, technical installations (onshore and offshore) or photovoltaic systems. Also, with the help of special sensors and suitable software, digital 3-D models can be created to view the progress of construction projects or land surveying.
Wind Turbines
Drones have become increasingly important to the specialized field of wind turbines. They can provide visual inspections and prepare reports of the entire wind turbine while operating safely on the ground, whether it be on or off shore. The images and video from an inspection can also be saved for later viewing and documenting. Drones can also monitor and document the setup of a newly constructed wind turbine from start to finish.
From corporate to private events, such as weddings, drones can be used to create spectacular aerial photographs. They also have a place in the planning of such event. By using drones, you can save time and money all while maintaining a higher level of safety. Drones can also play a role in the planning and assisting of traffic management. As well as providing aerial assistance to police and fire departments during civic events. By using drones, local authorities can have real time information and can use that data accordingly. Examples of data uses can be anywhere from safety to crowd flow.
Real estate
Using drones for aerial photography allows for real estate to be presented in a completely different perspective. These shots spark more interest in the sales and marketing of real estate. Also, drones can be used to document the damage done to real estate or land for insurance investigations.For years, drones have proven themselves in the construction progress and site planning. With aerial photography, a dynamic building progress planning can be implemented cost-effectively.
Solar Energy Systems
For the inspection of photovoltaic and solar energy systems, there are special sensors based on thermography available. Routine monitoring can contribute to the increase of efficiency and longevity of the solar energy system. Any damage, for example, can be visualized with a thermal camera and the performance of the system can also be measured. Also, temperature ranges on the solar panels can show where the possibility of damage or inefficiency exists.
Drones have become increasingly widespread in the production of movies in Hollywood. Aerial photography is use as a popular stylistic tool in the productions of film, television, and corporate video. Even with video production for social media activities, the use of (smaller) drones can pay off. With our high-performance drones we can now use high-resolution photo cameras or film-based systems, such as Red or Arri cameras, for up to 20 minutes of airtime.

German Copters DLS GmbH

German Copters DLS GmbH specializes in drone-based servises for photo and video recordings, engineering services and carrying out drone transports.


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