Medical Logistics

Medical logistics

German Copters DLS GmbH strives to revolutionize and optimize the transportation routes for the delivery of medical material. In addition, we focus on patient and supply security while maintaining a more economical solution.

When developing the solutions, we bring in our core competencies in the medical field and work with the world's leading technology providers.

Safety, speed, reliability and privacy

What are the requirements of German Copters for the transport of medical material?:

  • Safety comes first. Be it the safety of the population or the safety of the cargo, GermanCopters uses proven technology and has installed several safety components. With GermanCopters the data transfer is triple, and the power supply of the drone is secured 6 times.
  • The drone has a parachute that protects people and structures on the ground in an emergency from injury or damage.
  • The transported material is anonymized. Personal data cannot be read out without the corresponding key.

Latest News

Drones in Healthcare
09-29-2022 In the last three years, German Copters has developed evaluation methods and profitability calculations in a kind of guideline that provide more clarity and security when implementing projects in the field of medical logistics. This guide, developed specifically for customers, helps to shorten projects and avoid bad investments.
Drones in med. Logistics
08-09-2022 German Copters CMO Holger Schulze had the honour of writing some sections for the book "Unmanned Aerial Systems in Medical Care". The book gives some suggestions on the challenges to be faced when setting up drone-based logistics. The book provides a good overview of barriers to the implementation of innovations, the legal framework, the technical possibilities and possible operating concepts.

More Informationen.
Sponsorship deal with the Ice Lions
05-03-2022 The past season of the Dresdner Eislöwen was not only very successful in sport, but also highly professional in the areas of economic and sports management. So that this can stay that way and also because the club is really important to us, German Copters has signed an extended sponsorship contract for the coming season. German Copters will also present the penalties in the new season with a small video on the scoreboard. We will also take on the player partnership and feature the "bad boy" player with the most penalties. We as German Copters are looking forward to further cooperation.
04-30-2022 Photogrammetry is a powerful tool when it comes to creating 3D digital models. But it's not that simple after all. To do this, we need the right drone, a perfect trajectory, a professional camera, the right software and a well-thought-out workflow. We have been working on improving our results for several years. That's why we're always testing new setups and optimizing our workflows. And it doesn't always have to be the big and expensive drone to achieve a good result.

More News

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German Copters DLS GmbH

German Copters DLS GmbH specializes in drone-based servises for photo and video recordings, engineering services and carrying out drone transports.


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